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Union Trade Journal is a fast growing independent news outlet.

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Our mission is simple: we strive to provide analysts with relevant market data and financial news to help investors make informed investment decisions. Since our online inception, our readership has grown to over 10,000 monthly readers. We owe the Journal’s early success to our industry leading journalists. Our writers come from a wide range of financial backgrounds, including Wall Street traders, brokers, financial planners, and investigative reporters.

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Our topics cover a variety of sectors and sub-sectors across the financial industry. Some of our most popular topics include equities, currencies, funds, earnings reports, capital markets, commodities, and mergers and acquisitions.

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If you are interested in working for one of the fastest growing online news companies in the world, look no further than the Union Trade Journal. Our employees come from a variety of backgrounds and we offer competitive work-from-home positions all around the world. For more information about our available positions, please email [email protected] to request a list of open positions.

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Our company prides itself on its dedication to education. If you are a student interested in spending a summer with our writing team, please submit a letter of intent and 3 paragraph essay to [email protected]